Neurological Rehabilitation

Axon Rehab provides intensive out-patient neurological rehabilitation services. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to rehab therapy that is augmented by the use of the latest clinically proven rehab technology, such as, robotics, sensor-based tools, electrical stimulation suits & devices, and various other types of rehab technology.

All customer visits are by pre-arranged appointment only. In order to make an appointment please contact us via phone or email. For first time appointments with us then an Initial Assessment will be completed to discuss your condition, needs, and goals, which can take approximately 60 to 90 mins. During this time we complete a detailed physical assessment, review your medical history, and discuss your home/working environment, thus giving us a complete picture of what realistic goals can and should be set as part of your intensive rehabilitation.

If deemed appropriate, we then offer treatment packages facilitating the recommended level of intensity to work towards achieving identified rehab goals. Depending on the individual a treatment plan can range from 4 to 25 hours of rehab per week, in daily sessions of 1 - 5 hours. A typical package starts at 40hrs of intensive therapy spread over a number of days/weeks. These packages are specifically built around your needs/goals in order to deliver rehab at the highest suitable level of intensity. This clinically proven concept of high intensity & dosage is what rehab technology does best, facilitating precise targeted exercises in a repeatable & fun way, whilst still motivating you, thus helping you achieve your best outcomes.

Who and what conditions we treat

As a result of a neurological event or condition you may have a loss of balance, weakness or stiffness of muscles, spasticity or contracted muscles, drop foot, trouble walking, reduced range of motion of arm/shoulder, cognitive issues, poor fine motor skills, or unable to reach and grab an object. These can hinder you from living a normal independent life, and/or prevent you from working or earning a living. Intervening with intensive rehab at the right time may be the appropriate treatment to help you address and potentially overcome such issues. 

Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Muscular Dystrophy, and Ataxia, are among the many types of conditions in people we see. We also work with individuals with acquired brain injuries as a result of trauma or disease, and spinal cord injuries. Contact us to discuss you rehab needs in more detail.

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Treatment fees

Initial Assessment €250 60-90mins of assessment to review your medical history, discuss your needs and goals.
1-hour Treatment €150 1 hour of intensive treatment
2-hour Treatment €275 2 hours of intensive treatment
3-hour Treatment €375 3 hours of intensive treatment
Treatment Packages €110 per hour (Minimum of 40 hrs) Packages of 40+ hours of intensive treatment spread over an agreed timeframe

You may be entitled to support from your private health insurance. Please confirm with you insurer the level of cover in place.

Private Health Insurance

We work with all major private health insurance providers, however, we recommend that you firstly check your policy terms & conditions to confirm what cover you have in place before making an appointment with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked a number of questions in relation to how Axon Rehab works. Here are a few of the most common that may be of help, however, please feel free to contact us with anything not addressed here and we would be happy to help.