Our Approach

Our Core Principles

At Axon Rehab we want to ensure we can stand behind what we do. We have therefore developed 5 core principles that we strive to uphold.

Individually each principle stands as a pillar to measure ourselves and our progress with customers against. Together these core principles provide a strong foundation from which we build our overall ethos upon.

Reflecting on our core principles on a regular basis reminds us of what we can achieve together with customers whilst remaining focused on what is important.

Experience through education, many years in clinical practise, and the sharing & discussion of ideas with colleagues.

Increased number of repetitions of specific exercises targeting affected areas, thus providing intensive rehab where and when needed.

Robotics, sensor-based tools, electrical stimulation suit & devices, and various other cutting edge technologies.

Using concepts and ideas from the very latest published research on neuro rehab techniques utilising rehab technology.

Using experienced professionals from varied clinical backgrounds to give comprehensive insights.

Clinical Lead

Marcin Uszynski PhD

Specialising in Neuro Rehabilitation Marcin has gained extensive experience through clinical practise and research in a career spanning over 20 years. With a keen interest in the use of technology within rehab Marcin approaches his role in Axon Rehab with great knowledge and enthusiasm.

Rehab Technology

Axon Rehab is an out-patient intensive rehab service utilising advanced rehab technology, which makes it the first of its kind in Ireland. The rehab technology used maybe new to Ireland but is used widely in Europe and the rest of the world within some of the foremost rehab centres to emerge in the last number of years. Utilising technology from Tyromotion, Fesia Technology, Reck, Hasomed, Saebo, Exopulse, Chinesport, and many more Axon Rehab have sourced the best-in-class products that, when used by our trained clinicians, are clinically proven to deliver greater outcomes for customers.





Myro 4



Pablo Gait

Pablo Gait 3

Fesia Walk

fesia walk

Fesia Grasp

Fesia Grasp

Mollii Suit

Mollii Suit


MOTOmed Muvi



Saebo MAS


Stim Pro


Saebo Glove